Quality Assurance

We strive to produce trees that once planted establish rapidly and grow strongly to maturity

We use nursery industry best practice methods to produce greenlife of the highest standard. Our commitment is to the highest production standards to ensure the long term success of our trees in the landscape.

Since the early 2000’s we have embraced and incorporated the benchmarks recommended by Specifying Trees: A Guide to assessment of tree quality by Ross Clark which outlines a criteria for a quality tree. This document has become the industry benchmark (known as NATSPEC) for production nurseries, landscape architects, designers, arborists and local governments in Australia.

More recently the Australian Standard, AS2303 Tree Stock for Landscape Use was formally published in 2015 (revised in 2018) with the support of the nursery and landscape industries.

The AS2303 and NATSPEC are both guidelines under which our nursery’s production best management system is based.
We rely on these two very detailed technical criteria when producing our tree stock; to ensure our pruning, staking, potting and root pruning procedures produce trees that are:

  • True to type and display natural form for the species
  • Self-supporting at time of delivery as a result of correct staking techniques
  • Have a well-formed trunk with good stem taper that is strong and straight and centred in the container
  • Healthy and vigorous, showing consistent growth
  • Free from pest and disease
  • Free from injury
  • Balanced and have an even crown
  • Fibrous, robust and well divided root system

Upon supply we can provide certification by an accredited Arborist that our stock achieves the AS2303 & NATSPEC standard and a tamper proof tag is provided for each tree.

For further information on our best practice systems click on the image links below.